About The Living End Saloon:
   The Living End Saloon (TLE) will be a fun gothic/punk themed neighborhood bar in Washington, DC with a food theme of international comfort/pub food. We seek to serve food that is better for the environment, the health of the community, and better for the animals.
Space provided, TLE will have space for DJs, events, and music performances.
   TLE seeks to be a mission-base business, with the three pillars of the mission being: employing green business practices, paying fair wages, and providing healthy food.

Why this will work in Washington, DC:
   The time is right for an all-vegan bar in DC. There are all-vegan bars in other cities with similar sized population density and demographic, but none in DC.
   Market research indicates that interest in plant base foods is growing rapidly. There are no less than five animal rights or plant-based nutrition organizations with offices in DC. The annual DC VegFest attracts more than 20,000 attendees.
   In the 1980s, DC reacted to the Reagan years by producing some of the most widly recognized punk bands with a social justice message, including the vegetarian "straight edge" movement. With the most recent presidential election, it'd been forseen that there will be a DC punk revival, and TLE could be at the center of it.

What the investment scheme would look like:
   Currently the plan is for all investors to become silent partners, each owning a portion of the business based on the percentage of the amount invested at time of launch. Those wishing to also become active partners with a more hands-on role will also receive an hourly wage.

   Some 70% of new bars and restaurants close within a year of opening. With TLE's higher overhead due it's mission-based goals, the risk will be higher. TLE will seek to mitigate risks and employ sensible business practices, but there will always be uncertainty.

Contact us:
   If you have any questions on becoming a TLE partner or would like a copy of the business plan as it stands now, please email us at the below address:

Contact: Michael Farmer at: mike@thelivingenddc.com

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